mousetrap cars and mouse trap powered vehicles

mousetrap cars and mouse trap powered vehicles

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Welcome to your complete source for mouse trap racer know how. 

This Site Specializes in products, plans, and information related to mousetrap powered cars, vehicles, and boats.

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If you are looking for designs, information, books, plans, or step-by-step instructions for building a winning mouse trap car, racer, boat, or vehicle than Doc Fizzix is your only source! Learn how to build a vehicle with home made parts. Doc Fizzix is a master at making mouse trap vehicles and their know how. He has helped students around the world build record setting mousetrap vehicles, racers, and boats for speed and distance. His designs, ideas, and secrets have led to dragsters that can travel five meter in one second and extreme distance cars that could travel more than 100 meters. Learn how to make the best mouse trap powered racers from ordinary items found around your home!

Doc Fizzix has a degree in Physics from the University of Minnesota and has appeared on several nationally aired television shows he is considered the foremost expert on mouse-trap-car-ology. If you buy any resource related to mouse trap p[rojects, make it Mouse Trap Cars: The Secrets to Success, the best book on mousetrap vehicles and the only resource guaranteed to make you a winner!

This site is dedicated to helping teachers and students with all mouse trap vehicles.

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mousetrap books - Information for making the perfect racers, boats, vehicles.
plans - Step-by-step instructions for different record setting vehicle projects.
parts and matrials - materials for building a variety of mouse trap contraptions.
vehicle Kits - Kits containing every thing you need to make a mouse trap racer.
Instructor's Kits - Books, kits and materials in bulk for large group activities.

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Technical Help - An overview of different problems and performance tips.
How it Works: basics - Basic propulsion method for mouse trap vehicles.
Construction tips - Tips and ideas for building a winning mouse trap racer.
Secret Tips - A collection of Doc Fizzix's secret winning construction tips
Pictures of Cars - Pictures of past successful cars constructed by students.


mousetrap project information for Teacher's

Learn the physics of mouse trap projects from Doc Fizzix in his Teachers Guide!

Teacher Resources - Activities, grading criteria, score sheets, downloads.
mousetrap cars rules - Mouse trap project contest and challenge rules.
records - Current contest records from around the world, submit your entries.
Experiments - List of experiment that can be performed with mouse trap racers.
Tools - Tools developed exclusively for testing mouse trap projects.
Instructor's Kits - books, kits, and more in bulk at education discounts .

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