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How to make a mousetrap racer move

Start with the basics design - mousetrap vehicle propulsion! Doc Fizzix shows you how to use a mousetrap as a power source.

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ideas for building a mousetrap powered car, boat, racer and more, self-help library:

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Having problems building your mousetrap racer or vehicle?
or Do you want some tips for making your mousetrap car perform better? If you are having problems with your mousetrap powered project or just want some constructions tips that will improve your vehicles performance then check out the Doc Fizzix library of self-help information. Doc Fizzix has supplied you with the answers to many of the common problems associated with mousetrap powered projects. If you can not find your answer post questions for Doc Fizzix.

Making an axle hook: (just one of the many tips)

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mouse trap cars: The Secrets to Success

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